The God of Yagya is calling you

The God of Yagya is calling you

The God of Yagya is calling you | Sudhanshuji Maharaj

Today, there is an environmentally dire situation in the world. Nature is enraged – water, air, fire, earth, sky, the balance and beauty of all the five elements is worsening. This is due to the fierce rage like heavy rains, floods, earthquakes, sea storms, hurricanes, droughts, falling snow, cloudbursts, loss of crops, loss of life and landslide. Global warming is at it’s peak resulting in intense heat, frequent rains and natural calamities everywhere.

Diseases are increasing, the fertility of the soil is limited. The superpower has got it’s rage to express. Fear, terror, inflation, poverty, atrocities, incest and injustice are increasing. Humanity is deflating.” At this time there has been a stroke in the whole world. Growing of unrighteousness, loss of religion, deteriorating nature’s rhythm, all of this is taking, the life at the earth is coming towards the end.

The remedy for all these adverse consequences is the sacrifice. To prevent the decay of nature, the rivers should not be polluted with the conservation of forests and at the same time the Yagya should also be performed so that they may purify the nature and man.

Like every year, for being blessed with the Devkripa, Gurukripa and rejuvenation of both outer and inner environment and with the intention of Vasudhevkutumbhkam, this year, from October 21 to 24, 2018, ‘108 Kundi Shri Ganesh Lakshmi Mahayagya‘ is being organized in Ananddham Ashram, New Delhi.

In this Mahayagya, the sacrifice of Vedic Mantras will be chanted with the all the rituals being performed. You should be present to offer the tattvas in this Mahayagya for the accumulation of wealth, splendor and good fortune.

The God of Yagya is calling you for the welfare of yours and your family members, friends and relatives.

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