All great people get attached to God and got enlightened. It is our need. We have to get the light and for this we have to make efforts and go to him and his devotees.

If you want to get rid of your impurities and your faults, go closer to God. People say, “Should we indulge in devotion or should we concentrate on removing our faults and deficiencies?”  We surely need our whole life for removing our faults and impurities. O brother, why not take a dip in His devotion, and also get busy in removing your faults and impurities. You will soon become pure and enlightened. When you would look at your new beauty you will fall in love with yourself. You will start praising your new looks and you will fall in love with God almighty. Once you are pure you will automatically be nearer to God and even he will recognise you.

It is not appropriate for you to stop worshipping him and concentrate only on removing your faults. Coordinate both the functions. Purify yourself and meditate simultaneously, serve him and worship him simultaneously. Both service and  worship will go hand in hand. Give  by one hand and  thank God for his mercy with the other. Credit is being granted to you though you are taking everything from him. He is giving you and you are earning name and fame free. You are only passing on what is given to you by him.

Purify your heart, purify your soul and pass on and distribute whatever God gives you. Once you surrender to him, you do not remain the same. Your personality starts changing. The impurities in you start vanishing, as they have no place where goodness of God prevails.

Feel God with total devotion in your heart and soul should be totally devoted towards him otherwise it is meaningless. If you are always engrossed in worldly affairs then you will not be able to proceed towards God. Always keep him in your mind and keep him in front of your eyes. It is your worldly friends only who are responsible for your downfall in life. Enemies do not harm you so much as your own so called friends do. Choose the right friends. Keep good company. Why not choose God then?

Once you begin to realise his presence, take it that you have been moving towards purity. Nearness to God is the ultimate goal. Seek his blessings.

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