Learn to respect what you possess, learn to be thankful, learn to smile, learn to appreciate what God has given you because there are many in this world who don’t have a bit of what you have and still they are happy. Happiness is a state of mind, and it does not come by having more of what we already have.

Happiness and Sorrow

Most of us are unhappy most of the time and that shows we don’t care enough to be happy. We are creatures of circumstances and happiness too is such a product. Happiness comes to those who understand the pangs of life and know how to handle them. Happiness and sorrow are the two sides of the same coin. It is only due to the circumstances that the side flips. Some time the circumstances are created by us only and some time they are dependent on our past deeds. It is said that God has kept a well-maintained logbook of deeds of every soul in his office. Whenever he finds some time, he shuffles the pages and looks into the deed entries. When God focuses his attention on a certain entry, that soul, that person in the world confronts his circumstances. The entries made in the divine logbook represent our past record which, in turn, influences of our current life.

Love means different things to different people. For some, love can be purely romantic. For some, real love can be purely unconditional which exists between family members. Love is a relationship of mutual understanding and respect. Love has the extreme powers and can make anything possible. This world is a beautiful creation of the almighty and with love we can fill our lives with the best colours, making it more vibrant and lively.

Hard Work only brings Success

It is the hard work which brings success. Even your fate also contributes to your success to some extent. People, however, look for short-cuts to success and to achieve their objectives they adopt a variety of means, fair or foul. If they achieve their objectives, they claim to be winners and heroes. Without realizing the consequences they brag about their achievement and feel happy. They remain oblivious of the consequences.

For getting to the top you need to set your eyes on what you aim to achieve; plan your steps and by working hard and honestly move to the target regardlessly. A lot of examples can be cited from all over the world. There are examples of very successful industrialists in India itself, who, by having worked hard, are standing proudly in the front row of billionaires in the world. No doubt, they are called lucky ones but luck is not everything, hard work and able management skills also play a huge part in their endeavours.

Successful people all over the world have first developed a clear perception for themselves and worked hard gradually together with a group of intelligent coworkers and professionals. It has also been found that many of the successful people have not even undergone any professional training but they never had left the area of hard work and also never got their objective diluted.

God has given us a beautiful human body. This by itself is a lucky chance. It is a divine gift and according to our Hindu perceptions this gift is the reward of our past good deeds. It is a rare chance and it presents an opportunity to work towards breaking the cycle of birth and rebirth and aim at achieving salvation. This is our aim and this is possible only when we realise the significance and existence of God.

Do not forget what Lord Krishna had told Arjun – ‘Do your duty [as a Dharma] and do not look for rewards’. Lord Krishna had talked about ‘Dharma’ which means duty and good deeds. We understand the concept better if we tag on ‘honestly’ and ‘religiously’ to the principal concept. Belief and disbelief are also a part of the concept.

We should, therefore, move towards our objectives by adopting proper means and methods and do not resort to adopting short cuts. Lord Krishna has shown a true path to the people in the world.

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