“The True Birth of a Human is when he straightens out the intertwined threads of his own life… when he realizes his true purpose of Birth” Only when one is aware of their purpose and goals in life, can they help others to realize theirs or to tread the obstacle filled path of life with peace and happiness.

The Birth Of A Great Saint

After being blessed with two daughters and while still enjoying the family life, Yashpāl was still curious about many queries in his mind. Soon, he realized that he can gain answers to the unending waves of questions and traquilize them only by walking the path of meditation in solitude and self realization. He wanted to search the true purpose of his life and wanted to do something for the people at large. He was curious to find out what was the best in Indian Cultural, religious and spiritual traditions that could be given to the masses so that hope for a better life is re-instated in their minds. Thus, he headed towards The Great Himālayās, towards solitude, hoping to get the answers to his relentless questions. He sat for hours and thought, and he meditated too.

The turning point came through when Yogi Sadānand Ji asked him to realize his nature and fulfil the task that his heart gave him to do. The Yogi said, “You are divine, fulfilled and complete. Re-awaken your dormant powers and take your sādhanā to the ultimate point. Yashpāl embarked upon a more rigorous, regular and dedicated sādhanā, in which meditation, visualization, free flow of energy and sincere feelings and emotions became central and crucial and central. Time flowed and Sādhanā continued for many months. Ultimately, light and peace descended in his mind. A unique calmness pervaded over all his consciousness. Peace took over the initial turbulence of his mind. Silent resolution of issues followed as if divine had engulfed him all-over-around. He perceived and realized the divinity of his own soul. The mystery of creation stood revealed before him. It was enlightenment. This realization descended on him in Uttarkāshi. A divine glow appeared over his purpose .he was so immersed in his own divinity.

When Mahārāj Shri went and narrated the experience to Swāmi Sadānand Ji…Swāmiji blessed him, confirmed his realization and offered him God’s Prasad and asked him to go and distribute it amongst website. Yashpāl had tasted the Söma or Amrit sudhā and became His Holiness Shri Sudhānshu Ji Mahārāj.

He went out, communicated and interacted with people and gave them whatever was required. A religion of all-pervasive humanity was thus, born.