His Holiness Shri Sudhānshu Ji Maharaj

His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj, the Visionary Man, who truly believes in servitude of mankind is the true service to Divine; sprouted a small plant with the seeds of his thoughts and called it Vishwa Jāgriti Mission (meaning Awareness of the World). With the unidirectional aim of true service to mankind, the Mission was setup in the year 1991 on the auspicious occasion of Rām Navmi. Service to mankind, humanitarianism, brotherhood and benevolence were the founding aims of this institution.

Today, that small sprout has grown into a sprawling tree that has its strong foundation on the firm ideals evangelized by Mahārāj Shri. Its branches are adorned with the thick foliage of support and devotion from the innumerable devotees and they provide cool shelter to the mankind suffering from the oppressive heat of life.

Having its headquarters and main office at the strategic and picturesque Ānand Dhām Āshram, the various programs operational under the Mission’s umbrella are:

• Mahārishi Ved Vyās Gurukul Vidyapeeth
• Karunā Sindhū Charitable Hospital
• Old Age Homes for Senior Citizens
• Orphanage Centres
• Shri Shakti Manch
• Yuvā Manch
• Disaster Management Programmes
• Kāmdhenu Gau Sanrakshan
• Tribal Development Programmes
• Satsang, Yogā & Meditation Programmes

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