“There will be moment of gains and losses, winning and losing, honours and dishonours which keep on changing like day and night in life. Don’t ever be frustrated with them. Go on regardless having faith in god.”

The civilization, culture, rituals and traditions of our country have their own significance. Behind each and every ritual and tradition there are spiritual and scientific mysteries. The traditions of India are endowed with the feeling of welfare for everyone. Due to the power of incomparable and unique character of civilisation, culture and traditions, our country was honoured with the title of Vishwaguru [Teacher of the World].

Once a foreigner during my travel abroad asked me, “I am unable to understand the traditions of India. These are incomprehensible. These are strange traditions and appear to be meaningless.” I replied, ‘If you pay attention to them you will find that in each and every tradition many mysteries are hidden. These cannot be compared with any other traditions.” I also told him, “If you go deeper in the Indian traditions you will be able to find out the truth of these mysteries by yourself. Every tradition has a message for the community. I would like to cite an example. Upon the death of a person his bier is carried by four people to be taken to the cremation ground. People walk behind the bier. But when someone is getting married then the bridegroom walks behind the people. He is always in the back. See, this is a strange tradition.” After hearing this brief explanation the foreigner wanted to know its meaning. For him it was indeed a mystery.”

Then I told him, “The meaning is simple and straight. While the bier is in the front, people walk behind it. The message from the bier is for the people walking behind – O, people behind, don’t you think that you have come to this world to live forever. One has to leave this world one day. Today I am in front, tomorrow one of you will be in front and some of you will follow him. This is a gospel truth that one who is born, his death is certain. And the way I am being carried on the shoulders towards the cremation ground, the same way all these people following me now will meet the same fate. As someone has said,

“Ham bhi gustakhi karenge zindgi mein ek bar;

Dost sab paidal challenge aur hum kandhon par swar.”

[I will also be rude once in my lifetime,

All friends will follow while I will be riding on the shoulders.]

Who knows who will go to say goodbye? Who will be on whose shoulders? But one will have to go and someone will accompany to the cremation ground. It is a fact that one is bound to leave the world one day.

The bier is moving in front and the people walking behind are all silent, composed, serious and in a somber mood. They were reciting ‘God is great, God is truth – Ram Nam satya hai – Hari Nam satya hai.’

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