Everyone in this world has two banks – gaining something and losing something; to give and to take; something to receive and something to give away; honour and dishonour; happiness and sorrow; day and night. These are the elements which continue to flow like a river in between the two banks. Let us, therefore, pray to God saying – ‘O God, when these conflicting situations confront us do not let the sweetness in our life get reduced.’

‘O God, please bless me so that the sweetness in my life remains intact despite rises and falls; youth and old age, sickness etc. Let the sweetness in life remain firm. Whether the wealth gets snatched away or it may come in a big way, my life should stay sweet for me and for all others. If I get the wealth it should not make me brute, and, if it is taken away I may not start weeping and feel depressed. Let me not say in front of the world that there is no one else more unfortunate than myself. Under all circumstances the sweetness in life should be maintained. Let there be such a richness resting within me that with the coming and going of anything the richness, greatness and royalty within me should not disappear.’

Thoughts influence Persons

It can be said that the force of thought influences a person to the extent that he considers himself living in the midst of orchard of flowers even though he was living in hot sand deserts. On the other hand, there are those who while actually living in the midst of flowers feel like living in the hot desert. Their eyes keep on shedding tears despite living in palaces. But people living in hutments are heard singing melodious songs. A strong revolution has indeed taken birth in their thoughts. So be mindful that true knowledge is a great force. Find it and adopt it.

True knowledge emerges in your heart bringing sweetness along. You will get many comforts of life and lose many of them in the process. Happiness cannot be locked up in any treasure box, exactly in the same way that the sunshine cannot be stored in a bucket. It is funny to ask someone to bring in a bucketfull of sunshine or bring in 5 kilo of joy. Such things cannot be tied down, neither these can be weighed or measured on any scale.

Darkness can be domesticated but not the sunshine. Close your room and you can control darkness but it is impossible to control sunshine. There is, therefore, a great need to bring in sweetness in your life and this is possible through gaining true knowledge.

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