His Holiness Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj is a gifted musician, who plays a wide range of instruments and is blessed with a divinely melodious voice that mesmerizes and captivates the attention of the listener, as much as his enrapturing
sermons do.

The crowd sits in utter silence, enraptured by the melodious spell that he casts when he sings during the various discourses. It is impossible to not marvel at and to be lost in the moment when he is lost in crooning a melody and forging an incredibly intense bond with the Divine.

The moment is so pure and sacred that one feels a direct connection with The Almighty, elevated by the soulful rendition of Bhajans in praise of the Divine.

Here are some videos and audios showcasing the melodious moods of our dear Maharaj Shri.

Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj | Vishwa Jagriti Mission | The Singing Saint


Bhajan - Mere daata ke darbar

Bhajan - Duniya ka malik

SS - Guruvar hai prerna