There are some who are not prepared to change. They consider that their word is the last word. They do not understand; they want others to understand but those who are prepared to understand for them even small hints are enough. Therefore, be ready to understand so that your life may change. Neyam sajjansange chittam – take your mind to a good person, a gentleman. You may not sit with them but you should offer your mind at his feet, surrender unto him and feel that your mind has been abducted and transformed. Such a situation may arise.

People said the same thing about Lord Krishna – Chit-chor, the thief who stole hearts. People loved Him so much. They were drawn towards Him so irresistibly that they started calling Him the thief of hearts – Chit-chor. When you place your heart at the feet of God then it should become His, it should belong to Him and not to this world. You should dedicate it to His feet forever. Bind yourself in His attraction. Always think of Him and always contemplate Him.

Try to take your heart and mind to a gentleman, to a saint, near a man of knowledge. Our heart should be near him. You may or may not be close physically but try to be close mentally. Be close to them sincerely, from inside; let their words, their voice attract you, and try to convince yourself that it is not in your interest to make mistakes or take a wrong path because both lead to your sufferings. We feel happy when we are right. If you want to be happy, cheerful, ecstatic and peaceful, then change yourself.

Freeing a thief, the jailor said, “Two years of your imprisonment have been waived off. You have come here many times, but, dear friend, try not to come here again. It will be very nice if you give me a word. I will feel peace at heart.’ The thief said, “Here is my word of honour. I will not come here again. I will not come at all.” The jailor asked, “Will you keep a sharp eye on your conduct?” The thief replied, “I will pay attention not to my conduct but to those reasons due to which I am caught and forced to come here again and again. I have learnt that trick fully, the knowledge of which shall help me in not being caught, because the whole trouble is in being caught.”

The expert, who was sitting in jail and who gave the mantra [trick] and who trained people in jail, had taught him that his mistake was not stealing; his mistake was that he was caught. Then they taught him how not to get caught. The expert said, “Now listen to what I am going to say. You may laugh at what I am going to say but it does not matter because I want to strike, to hurt. Think that you have got a trick that you will never be caught. Now the question is: Will you steal or not steal? The words need careful thinking. You have learnt a trick; you have got a device that you will never be caught. Will you then steal or not?” Then the man said, “Now I have full opportunity to do everything. Because now I am an expert I will never be caught so there is no pain or stealing. The pain is in getting caught.”

Remember, you will not be able to steal the day you conclude that the real pain is in stealing in being a thief because that thought will change your life. Your life will change that very day when you conclude that the ‘pain is in being wrong’, and ‘not in being caught in the process of being wrong’. Because you are wrong therefore you are sad. In God’s court, accounting is perfect and correct. Therefore, offer your heart at the feet of those who save you from doing wrong things; at whose feet we are ready to change ourselves completely. That is why Satsang is wonderful in itself. You cannot check or control people for long with the help of law or stick. Bring about a change of heart and then you require no persuasion.

In some countries, the traffic police is now being withdrawn. They say that the traffic police is required no more because no one violates the law. Everyone knows that if he crosses the road on red light he will suffer, he will meet with an accident, get hurt himself and others. The government has decided that traffic police is not required. They had unnecessarily been deployed for traffic management. They should be used for other work. With these thoughts in the background traffic police is being withdrawn. People have become conscious. It is believed that being wrong is painful; we believe that being caught is painful.

Therefore, we are all the time putting things at stake and are watching if the khaki-clad policeman is around when the traffic light is red. If he is watching carefully then the car should stop at red light and if he is careless or indifferent to traffic rules then we should take risk and speed ahead – because people consider pain is in being caught. We do not feel pain in being wrong. The day you convince yourself from inside then you do not need a watchman because you yourself have become your own watchman. Then nobody needs stop you because you are a watchman yourself. Therefore, you should control and manage yourself.

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