Tasmachchhastra pramana te karyakaryavyavasthitau
Gatva shastravidhanokta karma kartumiharhasi (Geeta 16.24)

Very much like this verse from Srimad Bhagavad Geeta, Mahārāj Shri’s life can be defined as simple, soulful, spiritual, dutiful and austere. Leading a simple life of an ascetic, yet fulfilling all the responsibilities and duties of a house-holder has been Mahārāj Shri’s key aspect. Clad in crisp white dhoti-kurta with a white or saffron colour Uttaryam, he embodies the angelic soul that has descended from the heavenly abode to spread the message of peace and sow seeds of knowledge on Earth. As the spiritual being that he is, he fulfils all the morning rituals of prayers, gives time for meditation or Dhyān to keep communicating to his Ātman and also spends ample of time amidst nature.

With the aim of serving the humanity, he incorporated the headquarters of the humanitarian entity, Vishwa Jāgriti Mission, at Ānand Dhām Āshram, Delhi, India. He visits the Ashram almost every day where he interacts one on one with his devotees and listens to them, solving all their problems and catering to their spiritual queries in a paternal manner.

Being an austere and a householder together can be a very tough endeavour as both have equal intensity of responsibilities and duties along with strict rules of adherence. Gliding through the waves of duties of both the roles, Mahārāj Shri has maintained a string of austerity and ascetics in the role of a householder with an unparalleled grace.

His Holiness’ meals are very simple, just as a hermit’s. He truly believes in Sātvik lifestyle and his overall look as well as eating habits epitomizes this. Apart from all this, he also follows a routine to have some time alone, exclusively for himself, in his study, where he browses through books and newspapers of various kinds and expands his knowledge in the worldly affairs. He is a great gatherer of knowledge, whether it is in the form of interaction with various people, listening to their problems and resolving them with his immense wisdom, or by having a silent yet substantial and significant conversation with his books. His reading interests range from mythology to autobiographies of great personalities; from history to geography and from nature to humanity.

His Holiness Mahārāj Shri truly enlivens the verse from Srimad Bhagavad Geeta

“Karmanye Vā dhikāraste, Mā phaleshu kadā chana.
Mā Karma Phala hetur Bhurrmātey, Sangöstva Akarmani.”