Tantum tanvanrajaso bhanumanvihi jyotishmatah pathi raksha dhiya kritan.
Anulbanam vayat joguvampo manurbhava janaya daivyam janam.” (Rig Veda)

‘O man, in the course of weaving your path of life in this world, try to become bright and lustrous like the sun with knowledge and sense of duty. Follow the path shown by the wise, imbibe the tradition enriched by them and act upon their teachings. Make them the foundations of your life, and secure those paths. Do not let your deeds and actions be tangled. Become human in the real sense of the word and generate divinity.’
This verse from The Rig Vedā gives out the most basic, but the highest level of preaching a man can get. It emphasizes that a being should be good enough to be called a human. If he achieves the status of human, he will automatically exude divinity from within. Such profound truth can be seen in the sermons and discourses of His Holiness Shri Sudhānshu Ji Mahārāj. He, who has gathered the wealth of knowledge from the scriptures, Vedās, Upanishads and Epics, and who has delved deep into metaphysics, spiritualism and motivational ideas from varied thinkers and philosophers, disperses his profound knowledge and wisdom in simple words so that it can be absorbed in the day-to-day activities of a common man.

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Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj | Vishwa Jagriti Mission | video

Here are some of the videos that contain deep truths of life and Ātman in the very simple and unique interactive style of Mahārāj Shri: