Happiness is a Divine Gift | Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj | International Day of Happiness | 20 March

Happiness is a Divine Gift

Happiness is the guarantee given by God to you

The large black bee [Bhanwara] sits on the full bloom flower.

Neither the black bee nor the butterflies go near the withered flowers. Smiling and humming a song is the habit of every person. The smiling face adds glory to it like the full moon. The smile adds a glow on the face. Educate your children to keep on smiling and remain happy and joyous all the time. The smiling children and happy young people enjoy a long life. Anger, jealousy, and violence cannot come near the smiling person.

If you wish to remain healthy and happy develop the habit of laughing and smiling.

Actualize the unique gift of nature to be beneficial. The true smile is a real wealth of mankind. The sweet smile generates peace and with the peace one gets devotion. To tread on the path of devotion, keeping on smiling is a great quality. Happiness is the divine gift, value it!

It is a penance to remain happy always, By being in the blooming state is a divine devotion, because remaining happy always is the indication of natural beauty and purity. By nature, you are endowed with happiness. Happiness is there inside the children it is not seen in the elderly people.

The state of a child is like the state of an opening bud. But the state of an elderly person is that of a blooming flower which has reached the state of ripening and withering. But the situation of a child is far more different – the child is happy and energetic but the elderly are slow and short-tempered. He leads an irritated life and feels helpless whereas children are excited and joyful and lead an enjoyable life.

That is why it is necessary for mankind to remain happy always.

A child arrives in the world crying. When the child breathes the very first time there is a lot of pressure on his lungs which makes him cry. But the process of crying that time is the indication of the beginning of life. People all around laugh and enjoy that time. The crying of the child that time means the blooming of life within him. The parents begin to laugh and make merry saying that a new flower has bloomed in the family. It is, however, significant that the departure from the world should not be with crying and weeping. If one has to go then it should be in the state of joy and happiness. Do such deeds which make people cry when you leave the world. They should cry due to the sorrow of your going away.

You will be able to tread on the path of external progress and the internal growth of soul if you have learned to remain happy. When you have full faith in any mantra, pilgrimage, priest or deity, or in knowledge or science, or in any divine power or in any medicine you will have that much of success. Your success is dependent on your own feelings and faith. One gets fruit according to one’s faith and belief. This means that you should decorate your mind with hope, courage and festive pleasure. If there is happiness in the mind there certainly will grow devotion and one, for sure, will get success in the world. Do not ever let the plant of happiness go dry and wither away for nothing.

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