“Guru makes the disciple humble in the first place; then gives him proper
directions to believe in the society; and then after an appraisal,
the Guru makes him capable so that his life shines bright.”

— Maharaj Shri

True to his thoughts on the subject of Guru and Shishyá, Mahārāj Shri believes that Guru is the one who shows one a decisive path to follow towards the goal of self realization, clearing out hurdles and obstacles in the form of doubts, ego and ignorance and illuminating the path with the light of knowledge.

Guru is the one who connects a person to the higher being. He assumes different roles in the life of his disciple, be it a father figure, a friend, a philosopher, a guide or even a hard task-master. But the ultimate goal in all these varied facets of a teacher is the same, “not to let the Shishyá sway from the path of truth and help him realize the true goal of their life”. This is the greatest gift from a Guru to his disciple.

His Holiness Shri Sudhānshu Ji Mahārāj is a traditional Guru in the modern times. His approach towards his Shishyás to make them realize their true self may still be ritualistically traditional. But there is unmistakably a modern blend to keep up with the current times. The one traditional ritual that he still follows, which is kind of lost in the modern age, is giving Guru Dikshā or Mantra Dikshā. Guru is the direct connection and communication with the Supreme Self and Diksha is one of the prime modes of communication. Guru Diksha or Mantra Diksha is the first Diksha given. The sacred Mantra given by the Guru creates a Kavaça or a shield that armours the body and mind with divine powers. This Mantra given through a religious ceremony is also referred to, as an initiation by the Guru. When the mind of the Guru and disciple becomes one, we can say that the Shishyá has been initiated. Dikshā is also said to mean ‘to expand one’s consciousness through a process of dedication to discovering one’s own self’. It involves both giving and receiving – giving one’s self and receiving from the Guru. Thus, Guru Diksha is the first approach to start ascending from lower consciousness to higher consciousness and to one’s higher self.

Mahārāj Shri has done more than one lakh initiations of disciples into Mantra Dikshā. He embodies the true Master that brings in a new life, a new birth and transcends the Shishyá’s body from a mere mortal framework to a great pilgrimage of the pious soul.