Even the Celestial soul had to undergo a normal childhood… Training in Gurukul; Studying epics and scriptures; pursuing Higher education according to the prevailing trends…
No concessions were given to even this Heavenly soul re-incarnated…

As the young boy Yashpal was about to enter his teenage years, his father, noticing a bent of his mind towards spirituality and religious studies, put him in the company of Guru Vijendra Muni. Vijendra Muni Ji was a Hatha-Yogi and ran a Gurukul in the foothills of Himalayas. Life in Gurukul was not for the weak hearted. Young Yashpal was bold and determined and a dedicated student. He would follow all the instructions of his Guru, was eager to learn and become a great scholar. The fire in his mind to slake the thirst would not allow him to rest, stop or deviate from his goals of learning more and more.

Piety of soul does not have any age. Yashpal was a revered soul since a tender age. Many instances in his Gurukul brought the tenderness and benevolence of his soul to the fore. Happily foregoing his food for fellow students, helping others covertly and always doing good things and never taking credit for them were some of his actions that proved the purity of his soul at that innocent age.
From the Gurukul in the thick forest area, he came to Haridwar where he gained mastery in Philosophy, Ethics, Reasoning and Subtlety of Thought. He realized that faith can stand firm only on the concrete support of reason and facts which are verifiable and stand the test of time. His intellectual pursuit further led him to the realm of meditation and metaphysics (Para-Vidya). Swami Prakashanandji helped him greatly by constantly showing the right direction. Swami Ji led him through the maze of mind, its subtle and circuitous ways, its fickle nature as well as ways and means to calm and tranquilize it. Yashpal mastered it almost by the time he reached twenty-one years of age.

Young Maharaj Shri or Yashpal’s formal education was at completion now. He had earned two Post-Graduation degrees in Hindi and Sanskrit, had learned the intricacies of traditional religious and spiritual practices, was well versed with the Vedic Scriptures & Upanishads and also had unearthed the hidden knowledge in the Great Indian Epics.

Even after accumulating so much wealth of knowledge, his mind wandered with many nagging questions. “What is the purpose of human life? What makes life livable? How have saints answered these questions down the ages? Who created the Universe? How? From which material was world created? What is the origin of this material? What skills and energies went into its formations?” His inquisitive mind sought answers and he wanted to delve deeper into the ocean of knowledge. He realized that whatever he had gained until then was nothing as compared to what he could gain if he went in search of the answers of the innumerable eternal questions that arose incessantly in his astute mind. He came to a conclusion that he will gain more and more knowledge only if he is more aware. To know more, one had to see more. He decided to travel and go to every nook and corner of the country, to observe and understand different people and their cultures and beliefs and see the ground reality. Hence, he decided to set out on a tour of India and face the hard facts of individual life, family life and social life at village as well as city-level of this great country. He visited many places throughout the length and breadth of the country. The various kinds of people that he encountered in this enlightening journey were simple people, religious people, innocent people, ignorant people, people blindly following tribal or rural practices without questioning its rationality and logic and people unquestioningly having ardent faith in the mindless and meaningless rituals. He realized that where there were innocent and pure-hearted and honest people, there was also the presence of unwanted elements of sloth, poverty, inactivity and lot of malpractices. He could vision the prevalent situation as human life and society slipping into the grip of darkness of ignorance in the absence of the light of knowledge.

This journey was a landmark event or an epoch in his life. It is after the conclusions of this journey that he identified the root cause of the problems of the human mind.

He then charted out a plan and a programme of his own life. That included the things to do, priority order, things to completely avoid and generate the key aspects to bring sanity, order and meaning to life and to bring back the lost glory of religion which was engulfed in thick shackles of meaningless rituals and blind faith.