An ascetice

yet a household

The year 1978 marked an epoch in the life of His Holiness Shri Sudhanshu Ji Mahārāj. Twenty-three year old Yashpāl, in his prime youth, entered into the family life by getting married to Richa Devi. She was a simple Brahmin girl, daughter of a well-known linguist Pandit Gyānendra Shāstri Ji. She fit in herself easily to his ideas, faith and daily routine and also moulded herself well into his pattern of a good family life.

Mahārāj Shri is blessed with two daughters, Archika and Ritambhra.

The elder daughter is Dr. Archika Sudhānshu, who is an eminent name in the field of meditation and motivation. She is a Dentist by profession and like her father, wanted to serve the society in a unique way. Thus, she embarked on a journey in Alternative Therapy Sciences, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, etc. Her vision is to do Sevā to humankind by providing them with ways and means to mitigate stress and tension and fill the mind with joy and peace. She is a very popular “Meditation & Motivational Guru” in, across and even outside India. Her technique of “AUM SĀDHANĀ” has earned her great name and fame in India as well as abroad. She is a great philanthropist as well as a social worker who founded the Dr. Archika Foundation that contributes towards increasing the status of women in the society through Shri Shakti Manch, gives importance to the education and development of children via Abhivyakti and conducts workshops and sessions on meditation and motivation via Life Pathway, the three distinct channels in the organization.

The younger daughter is Ms. Ritāmbhrā Chauhan, who is the owner of a public school in New Delhi. She is well settled in her happy family life.