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A Bouquet of Colorful Flowers From Sudhanshuji Maharaj

  • “Small drops make a river, and the rivers make an ocean. Each and every drop is valueable”.  – Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Every coin given in donation for a noble cause is a password to a move peaceful life which is filled with all the blessings of Parmatma”.  - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “The divine blessings are comforting and generate a good feeling of compassion”.  - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “GITA is a life-giving substance with which the dormant soul comes to life again. Together with this it being the song of war, it is also the music of life.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “The objective of Gita is to move from sorrow to the heavenly blessings. The main purpose of life is to move from dejection to joy.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Lord Krishna is that type of teacher who does not ask to renounce the world but exhorts to understand the world while continuing to live in it.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Live in the world but do not get entangled with it. It is better to stay in it rather than entering into conflicts with it.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “There is no need to go anywhere else to get relief. It is the teacher [guru] who helps you to help yourself.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Keep on reciting the name of God when engaged in worldly affairs. Whenever you are located that path leads to God.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “There is no need for you to run away from the world. You wake up. Keep on reciting his name while you are on your job in all our senses.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Always aspires to give, do not expect to receive. If the feeling of ‘giving’ rises in the mind then do not wait. If there is delay then the mind might get changed.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Accomplish the good feelings instantaneously; get the mission completed; do not wait or delay; by forgetting yourself”. - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Do not feel proud after giving. Do not go back on the promise of ‘giving’. Do not repent after giving. When the feeling of ‘giving’ rises in the mind, then be quick to give”. -  Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “When there is love in the heart, recite his name. When on the job, consider yourself to be the servant of Govinda, and then go ahead with your work”. -  Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Let the recitation of the Ram Nam go on in your mouth. Keep the mind filled with love. Consider that you are working for the owner of the world”. - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “That one is the devotee of God does not maintain accounts. Keep on pleasing the God. He is one who keeps all the accounts. He knows how much to give and when. It is upto him.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “It should be kept in mind whatever is being done by us is the service to that ‘beloved’. Maintain attachment to God while gathering the wealth and enjoying the worldly pleasures.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Your wealth should be useful to you. It should be used in the journey towards God, and be used for the good of your nation. If the direction is correct then everything gets strengthened and becomes smooth”. - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Do not consider any work to be a burden. Do not work with full devotion and honestly. Your words should be sweet and courteous.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Remain vigilant, and do not be so smart as to hurt any body’s feelings. It does not augur well to have a combination of sin and meditation. Both are different.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Be contented with earnings of your own efforts and honestly. Consider this as a blessing of God.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Food has been said as ‘Brahma’. Do not disrespect it. It does not appear to be satisfying to contemplate when one is hungry. A hungry person cannot move towards worship or religion.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “The very first need of a human being is ‘work’ and ‘food’. The religion or worship comes afterwards. It has, therefore, been said: ‘fill the stomach with the earning of your hard and honest work. Recite his name.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “There cannot be any other good opportunity than having the human body. Take advantage of it. Learn to recite the name of God with your tongue.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Recite his name faithfully, not under any compulsion or force. To be able to recite his name is a rare opportunity being given to the lucky person. It is a blessing.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Thousands of hands go up in prayers, but all prayers are not answered. Only those prayers which are honest and pure, and heard and accepted.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “You should consider yourself lucky and fortunate if you have the divine glimpse, hear the divine words and get the chance to serve God. Always be polite.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Walk with your head bent and not standing arrogantly erect in front of anyone. You get the divine kindness and grace only through tenderness and humility. The divine blessings come through politeness. Have faith in him.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “It has been said that all doors get shut with the setting of the sun. There is only one door which remains open all the time- the door of God. Have faith in him.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Use the power of prayer. Take advantage of the guidance of the guru. There is none else who can lead you to the gateway of God devotion, meditation, love, affection, donation, knowledge are the paths which lead to the door of God. Choose anyone of them.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Remain under the shadow of the guru. Be led by him. He is the one who can show you the correct path.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Do not look for the support of others. Look for the support of your inner thought. Fear not, move. Fear strengthens fear. It kills your soul.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “When the sun of your luck will set all the doors get closed. The only door which remains open all the time is the door of God. Have faith in him. Use the power of prayer.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Everyone comes on this earth with some purpose. The mind is filled with hopes and wishes. The God gives him also the energy, will-power and knowledge to accomplish.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “If the man makes promises and efforts to accomplish them, the God standby, regardless. Have faith in him and also yourself. That is the secret.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “If the Guru doesn’t show mercy, even if a person is very fortunate and prosperous, it will not be long before his fortune will turn into misfortune.” -  Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Even if the Guru is angry upon the disciple, the disciple must not be disinclined towards his faith and devotion for his Guru. He must wait patiently until his Guru shows his mercy once again because there is no other power which is greater than the grace of the Guru.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Studies play the most important role in the right development of life. The success of studies depends upon being resolutely punctual. It depends upon a disciplined routine tied to the clock.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “A student life should be all the three hands of the clock- hours, minute and second. Success licks the boots of the person who strictly keeps his time in every field of life.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “For the purification of thoughts meditation is a must. Deep meditation and desired reflection are the greatest treasures of human brain.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Deep meditation discloses the secrets of nature while desired reflection brightens up the future. The deeper one goes in meditation, the more number of jewels one will find and the one who does desired reflection, will grow and develop accordingly.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “From the student life one can make an assessment of the future structure, as to how strong, magnificent and attractive will this building be. Having known and recognized the importance of student life we have to lay the foundation of our future.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Nobody understand your greatness. None else can have an estimate of your greatness, grandeur and generosity. You yourself will have to make an effort for it.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Even the most powerful hand in the world cannot pull up to the heights. To become great you will have to work yourself. No one else will come to shape our destiny; you, yourself, will have to become the architect of your destiny. For this it is necessary that you fix your role model.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj
  • “Think about your will-power, make it strong. Take care of your discipline too. Are your mind, intellect and senses, making you dance to their tunes? Have control over them? Give a command to yourself.” - Sudhanshuji Maharaj


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