“The Compassionate

Compassion and creation, both are connected to feminine energy channels in an individual. The feminine energy is present in everybody along with the masculine energy. Its flow in the body has a calming, cool and moon-like effect on the soul. It is true that in the male species, this energy is not fully realized and utilized. But one has witnessed God-men who have channelized this feminine power within them, brought it forth and embraced it ever so gracefully.

This face of a compassionate creator is one of the many varied facets of Mahārāj Shri. He has a gentle side to him that is deeply compassionate and resonates the feelings of creation around him, may it be of joy or grief. A lover of nature, he has a deep and soulful connection to all animals too. This compassionate side is revealed in his creative side as well.

He is a creator and utilizes his maternal instincts while putting forth the ideas of his creations. All his Āshrams exemplify his creator aspect. His love for nature is reflected in the fact that all the five elements of nature have a unique and vital presence. There is enough space and a natural habitat built for the fauna. Again, not letting one forget the special place his ever so compassionate heart beholds for the animals. Loving Mahārāj Shri is not an architect by virtue of his educational qualification, but he personally oversees the building of each and every Āshram. His expansive knowledge of Vāstu and building architecture is seen in the designing and layout of his every Āshram that takes into account every intricate aspect and is a marvel to look at.

His Holiness has embraced his feminine energy with utmost grace and poise and let the maternal latent aspect inside him realize and come forth. This has resulted in him being able to feel the pain and have empathy towards every creation of the Divine. His compassionate side is subtle yet so impactful that one cannot ignore it.