A Saint
is Born

A star chosen and plucked from its celestial abode, sent down to Earth in a mortal form to sprinkle the stardust of peace, joy and knowledge. Disperse the message of compassion and tenderness to the humanity enslaved in the throes of ignorance and ego.

It happens once in many hundreds of years that a star is sent from its celestial abode to the earth as a human to accomplish the herculean task of spreading knowledge amongst other human beings, live a life that epitomizes one’s own preaching and despite of all these distinguishing innate traits within oneself, manage to be one among the other humans and still gain their love and respect.

Something like this happened on 2nd May 1955 when a celestial body was plucked from its heavenly abode and a baby boy was born in a respectable and knowledgeable family in the village of Haripur, Saharanpur District, Uttar Pradesh, located in the pristine lush laps of Shivalik Ranges of The Great Himalayas. It also has rivers Ganga and Yamuna blessing it from different directions and pouring in nature’s bounty and beauty.

The baby boy was christened Yashpal, meaning, the one who maintains dignity.
Young Yashpal’s spiritual journey began at the tender age of four when he tried to recite and memorize Shlokas and Mantras, Gayatri Mantra being the first, under the loving care of his father. He would insist his father on telling him bed time stories. He was particularly fascinated by the stories about ascetics and saints, Rishis and Munis, with immense knowledge of God and His creations.

By the time he was seven years of age, he would regularly say his morning and evening prayers. He would also sing hymns and Aartis in praise of the Almighty. Young Yashpal also gave small discourses which exhibited a powerful and sharp bent of mind towards spirituality and absolute truths of life. These were jovial in nature but the standards of intelligence and perception was much above the level of a seven year old. The child was certainly not ordinary.

Seeing and sensing the powerful aura around his son, young Yashpal’s father decided to send him to a Gurukul around the age of nine. Thus, Yashpal was put in the company of Vijendra Muni, a Hatha-Yogi.