The human body is like a town. The soul is its king. But there is a king of all the kings and that is the Supreme Power – God. This is the real beauty of the entire universe. That is the basis of the universe – and it is like the thread of the garland or the necklace where you can see the flowers or beads but not the thread which is holding all of them together. In the same way one can see everything but not the one which is holding them intact. God is not seen but his entire creation is visible. Nobody has seen God except for a rare few. Only the pious souls or the ones who are engaged in meditation may be able to see him.

If you happen to get the company of some great man then you should pray to God and ask for his favour thus: “O God, let me remain ever attached to the holy feet. I should not get away from them. Your attachment should not go away from me. Your love should ever stay with me and my attention should always remain focused towards you.”

Everyone has come to this world endowed with a very short and temporary life. This body is not going to stay for too long. The world is undergoing very fast changes. Many events are taking place in quick succession. But what is not changing is our soul and the Supreme God. We should get associated with the one which is not changing and which is not temporary. That is why this power is called an All-Powerful Supreme Lord and Eternal. There is no other divine power than him. He is the originator of all gods. He does not have any origin himself. There is no end to him. He is unborn and never takes birth. He will make his presence felt but still remain away from a physical form. Bodies can be seen in the world but whatever is seen in the world, God is far away from them. These are all his creations. He gives advice and instructions but through the medium of saints and sages or even through various incarnations. He picks up someone to deliver his messages. Sometimes he is seen in the form of Surdas, or in the form of Tulsidas and some times in the form of Shankaracharya or some other saints and sages.

Surdas was sitting and playing on his musical instrument and trying to invoke God and inviting him to come. What was so special about his ordinary instrument that God appeared before him? It was not studded with diamonds and gems. Still God stood before him. The same way Meerabai sang for him while still living in the midst of sand dunes and reached Dwarka through Vrindavan looking for God.

It was through their deep and sustained devotion that they could get the divinity. One can pick up any means and medium, whether by singing or by performing deep devotion, performing havan ceremony, and penance or through self-realisation, or by chanting hymns for him or by doing service to and for him, to reach him and feel his presence and be blessed.

In Bengal people of Chaitanya cult sing and dance by raising their hands up in the air calling for God and they even get so much worked up that they often fall down on the ground. This is another way of invoking God and calling him. The main idea is to adopt any means to get attached to God. Surrender the mind and soul to him and begin to belong to him. The attachment is the means. Whatever method or mode is used to reach him is immaterial but being close to him emotionally and honestly is the main thing. Belong to him and be fully devoted to him. Reaching God is the ultimate objective.

God says, “I am sitting in each and every body as a living soul. Feel me there.” When such a feeling is recognized then the life becomes a saintly life. Someone asked a saint, “Please let me know how to make life more beautiful?” the saint gave him three things – a piece of cotton, a candle and a needle, and said, “You can beautify your life with these three things.” Listening to the advice the man walked away a bit confused. He did not understand what the saint actually meant by giving him the three things. He returned to the saint and asked for further explanation. The saint said, “This cotton is used to make threads which are further used to produce cloth. The cloth is used to cover the body to protect shame. God’s most loved is he one who honours everyone and who protects the shame of everyone. He protects every one. That is the purpose of the cotton.”

“Another item is the candle. Its light will spread in all directions and help people to find their way. They will not be distracted. Such a person who shows the way is the most loved person of God. Invest your total life to show the way and guide people. You should be a candle to the world.”

“The third thing is the needle. Many people do not recognize the real value of the needle because it is so small but nothing in the world works without the needle. It works to join all torn clothes, thus uniting them, putting them together, binding them. Thus any person who works to join and unite people or fractured hearts is the most loved person of God. Be the needle in the society and help unite people – it is a great service. You then become the most favoured person of God.”

The man said, “You have given me a beautiful advice together with these three things. I thought I had all these three small things at home. But now, after listening to you, I realise that the purpose of  these three things were missing from my home.”

When these three things become prominent and known then we come to realise that we can make our life more beautiful. If this happens, God emerges from the heart and moves in the world in different forms. There will be happiness all around and the universe will become more beautiful to live in.

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