When there is attachment there is bondage, and when there is bondage then its seed is planted on our mind and that continues to give us pain in our future lives. But when we act without expecting any rewards and selfless feelings then they do not become the cause of our bondage any more. Whatever acts you do for the sake of others e.g., imagine the food you take is being offered at the altar of God because this body is not ours but belongs to God, then it is a different type of feeling – a feeling of gratitude to God. To do good deeds, and tread on the divine path, man shall live in the world with the feeling of being a witness.

Rise above the Feeling of Affection

One will then rise above the feeling of affection and it is the duty that one looks after the household well, and gives love to the children. However, one has to get rid of the feeling of attachment and infatuation if one has to rise, and, this has to be done while there is still time, and within the time.

This world has to be left in the same way as the man held it. This should be remembered that while one foot remains inside the house to look after the household, not to enjoy and get attached to it. It should be the performance of the duty. The other should remain engaged in the service of others and people of God.

Expectation of Rewards is Attachment

It is generally felt that people begin to expect honours as they grow old and move towards the renunciation stage of life. This is the time not to enjoy good food but to be of service to others. Expectation of honours and rewards is also an attachment. Some also consider expectation of rewards even for the service done as an investment. This is not the right thought. When the service is done it should be viewed as a divine blessing and regarded as a honourable and unique opportunity given to serve others. One should be thankful to God for the chance given to serve. It should be made as a routine in life to offer selfless service and that too for the sake of others.

It is necessary to give away a part of your earning for some noble cause but not expecting any rewards. If one understands this concept well then there will be total happiness in life and in mind. One shall be able to rid from bondage. Not only the present life shall be happy but the future one will also be comfortable. Any action with full devotion will result into peace of mind, and any action done with the body shall get rewarded in the same way. It is the total dedication, with heart or body. The results are corresponding and relative.

Keep Your Mind and Thoughts Pure Always

When you cultivate good ideas and thoughts in mind, the fragrance of peace and happiness shall remain in your mind. Try, therefore, to learn to keep your mind and thoughts pure. If you keep your mind obsessed with something unworthy day and night then there will be nothing except unhappiness.

Detach yourself from your worldly attachments, offer service for the sake of others and keep your mind and thoughts pure. This is the best service done to yourself. This is the heavenly blessing.

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